Business - Details

1.Overseas trading

HOSODA Co.fs mission is to bring excellent luxury Japanese products to the growing markets of the world. Primarily in the Middle East. For example cosmetics including high quality moisture gel and collagen soap, and health suppliments. In the future we hope to expand to include first-class Japanese tools and furniture.

2.Wholesale Cement

Cement is the basic constructin material for many building projects. HOSODA Co. has contributed to the stable supply of cement as an agent of Taiheiyo Cement corporation(the largest cement maker in Japan) for years.

3.Wholesale concrete

Concrete is an indispensable material for construction . HOSODA Co. also contribute to the stable supply of concrete. We operate a concrete works.

4.Wholesale materials for civil construction

HOSODA Co. satisfies demand of various materials for the construction site. These materials include: concrete blocks, rebar, and woods.

5.Wholesale materials for residential buildings

HOSODA Co. sells sheet glass for windows. We supply every kind of material for residences.

6.House construction and remodeling

HOSODA Co. builds houses that the customers need and remodels existing ones to be more comfortable. We also recommend to our customers the materials from gIsshintasuke Hino-shoph of Sankyo-Tateyama Aluminum(a Japanese top-class aluminum sash maker).

7.Wholesale tools and hardware

HOSODA Co. supplies a wide variety of tools and hardware for every need.

8.Supplies for gardening, DIY, and furniture

HOSODA Co. has operated a shop for many years. The variety of supplies has increased year by year, due to popular demand. Today we deal with many kinds of landscaping products.

9.Apartment rentals

HOSODA Co. offers excellent apartments for rent.

10.E-shop management

HOSODA Co. runs several E-shops on Rakuten-online shopping mall, Amazon and etc...